Sushi Simplicity
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Sushi Simplicity
Item #: BK-023
Size: 82 pages
By Miyuki Matsuo
American loves sushi. Whether on TV, with such shows as Iron Chef or No Reservations, the biggest names in cooking have shown their appreciation for the dish. But Sushi Simplicity goes beyond the mere sushi roll by showing potential chefs how to make nigiri and oshi-zushi (pressed sushi) dishes with ease.

With Sushi Simplicity Miyuki Matsuo details the secrets of sushi
making. Preperation is simple, but the presentation is what makes sushi
a favorite amongst foodies and casual eaters. By mastering a few
techniques you two can can make nearly 80 visually appealing dishes, as
seen across East Asia.

About the Author

After spending years developing menus for cafes and delis for a major food service company, Miyuki Matsuo decided to break free of the prepared food industry and work independently. Since 2005 she has worked as a food coordinator and culinary researcher, writing recipes and columns on food for magazines, television and cookbooks. In her many books Ms Matsuo has covered a range of cuisines and gastonomic delights. Her books include topics such as: beer, salads, smoothies and family meals.

Sushi Simplicity is her first translated work.

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