Zojirushi Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker & Warmer
Item #: TK-101-40
Size: 5.5Cups / 10Cups (1cup=180ml)
The Induction Heating (IH) distributes heat more evenly and heats faster to cook the perfect rice every time. IH occurs when a magnetic material is placed in a magnetic field. IH rice cookers put the coils within the bottom of the rice cooker to create the magnetic field. When the aluminum nonstick inner cooking pan with stainless steel outer lining is placed into the rice cooker and the unit is activated, a magnetic field is generated to create instant heat. Through this technology, the inner cooking pan itself becomes the heat source utilizing both high heat and fine heat adjustments to control the cooking process. The pressure feature in this IH rice cooker cooks rice under a higher temperature. The pressure and higher heat changes the structure of starch for rice to stay soft even after it has cooled.

The IH rice cooker is also equipped with a computer chip that regulates temperature and time according to the rice option selected. Different types of rice, require different cooking methods, and these rice cookers capable of making those fine adjustments to ensure high quality rice. The GABA brown setting or Brown Rice Activation activates brown rice for increased nutritional values. You can even keep an eye on the rice with it's easy-to-read LCD control panel with clock and timer functions while you are waiting.

You can even make stews with the Zojirushi pressure cooker with ease. Cooking with a pressure cooker results in healthier food prepared significantly faster and with less energy consumption. Pressure cookers help retain more of the nutrients and moisture in ingredients, which in turn intensifies the natural flavors. Cooking rice with pressure helps turn beta starch into alpha starch, which makes the rice softer and easier to digest. Korin highly recommends the IH Pressure Rice cookers for any busy individual who wants a hot meal fast.

Only use within the US (120 voltage).

List Price: $
Price per Item: $479.90 – $499.90



Model Number

NP-NVC10 (5.5 cups / 1 liter)
NP-NVC18 (10 cups / 1.8 liters)


15.4"L x 10.1"W x 8.6"H (5.5 Cups)
16.5"L x 11.1"W x 10.1"H (10 Cups)

Power Consumption

120 volts / 1,230 watts
120 Volts /
1,350 watts


5.5 Cups or 10 Cups

Menu Option

White/mixed/sushi, porridge, umami, GABA brown, brown, sweet, mixed, steam reduce, scorch, rinse free, and quick cooking


Rice spatula, removable spatula holder, and a measuring cup


Built-in microchip, IH pressure cooking technology, various menu settings, automatic keep warm, easy to reach LCD control panel, exclusive Zojirushi settings, extended keep warm and day timer.


Home use




Made in Japan

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