Zojirushi Non-Electric Rice Warmer
Item #: TK-102-NE
Size: 22Cups or 33Cups (1cup=180mL)
The Zojirushi Non-Electric Rice Warmer is perfect for high volume restaurants and catering operations. Stackable, efficient, and economical, these warmers can be conveniently used without the need for pesky cords. To achieve the perfect texture and consistency hours after cooking, we recommend using this rice warmer in conjunction with the Zojirushi Rice Sponge.
List Price: $
Price per Item: $265.00 – $290.00


Model Number

22 cups : RDS-400
33 cups : RDS-600


176oF @ 3 hrs
162oF @ 5 hrs


22 cups : 15"dia. x 10"H
33 cups : 15"dia. x 13.5"H


22 cups or 33 cups


- Works well with acidic ingredients.
- Ideal with sushi rice.
- Reusable and replaceable dew collecting sponge on lid.
- Stackable
- ETL sanitation listed

Safety standard

ETL listed



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