Wooden Saya Cover for Slicer (Sujihiki)
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Wooden Saya Cover for Slicer (Sujihiki)
Item #: HA-SAYA-S
Although the knife sheath is not unique to Japan, few knife covers perform as well as the Japanese saya. The design of the saya has not changed much in hundreds of years; saya covers for kitchen knives fit the knife snugly to protect the blade when storing or traveling. Ho-no-ki, or Japanese Magnolia wood, is often used to make saya covers for traditional and Western-style knives. Ho wood is the perfect protection for knives; it is soft, moisture-resistant and contains no strong resins that might cause corrosion in carbon steel. The ho-no-ki of Korin’s saya covers is grown in northern Japan where the cold climate encourages the growth of densely-grained wood that will not warp.

  • Saya pin is included with purchase.

  • We strongly encourage our customers to purchase a saya cover together with your knife to ensure a proper fit.

  • To purchase saya for knives you own, please bring your knives in to Korin. The staff will personally fit your knife with a saya.

  • Korin does not accept returns, exchanges or refunds of saya covers. All sales of saya are final.

- As seen on Bon Appetit, August 2015

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List Price: $1.50
Price: $1.50
Item #: HA-1081
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Price: $72.50
Item #: HA-1007
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