Wooden Rice Mixing Tub (Hangiri)
Item #: TK-602-01
Size: 6 Sizes Available

The beautiful and traditional wooden rice mixing tub (hangiri) absorbs excess water, allowing your rice to reach the perfect consistency every time. In response to our customer's requests, we are delighted to offer a wooden hangiri to US customers. Our hangiri is crafted out of high quality Japanese cypress (sawara), a material prized in Japan for its durability and aesthetics. 
To counter the change in humidity the US and Japan, we recommend that you use your hangiri regularly to prevent shrinking or cracking. Our hangiri features a reinforced bamboo and copper ring for maximum durability. Available in six sizes for your convenience, the two smallest hangiri (39cm and 45cm) are designed for home use and therefore do not require the bamboo reinforcement ring.

Demand for its hangiri rice tubs is so high that the company cannot keep up with the orders. On any given day some workers will be cutting logs into planks, some matching parts for color and grain, and still others planing each product's surface to a smooth finish. Though a good deal of the process is mechanized, much of the work demands skilled hands."Each piece of the material is different from the next, and that's where a woodworker's skills are needed," …
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List Price: $
Price per Item: $105.50 – $360.00


Size Capacity
39cm (15.3") 7.2cups
45cm (17.1") 11cups
54cm (21.25") 18cups
60cm (23.6") 21.5cups
66cm (26")36cups
72cm (28.3")43cups

* The 39cm and 45cm hangiri bowls are for home use. They have nails bolted to the copper band, but do not have a bamboo ring re-enforcing the bottom.


X Dishwasher safe
X Microwave Safe
X Oven Safe
X Stove Top Safe

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