Wave Japanese Curtain (Noren)
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Price: $69.00
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Wave Japanese Curtain (Noren)
Item #: NOS-012
Size: 34" x 59"L
A classic element of Japanese interior design, the Noren is a decorative element that can serve as room divider, wall adornment or curtain. This noren features Hokusai’s iconic painting, ‘The Great Wave at Kanagawa.’ This scene juxtaposes the stillness and grandeur of Mount Fuji with the power of the turbulent seas. The three boats portrayed in the painting are fishing vessels, making this noren a perfect choice for sushi bars and restaurants. The evocative representation of the waves is at once familiar and yet prompts quiet introspection.

100% Cotton. Hanging rod not included.

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Item #: NOS-011
Size: 33" x 58.5"L
List Price: $159.00
Price: $159.00