100% Tsubaki Oil
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100% Japanese Camellia Oil
Benefits of Japanese Camellia Oil

  • Very close in composition to the oils that humans naturally secrete.
  • Highly absorbent, and leaves no oily feelings or residue after use.
  • It can even be applied on open wounds or broken skin. Therefore it is very beneficial to softening, soothing, and regenerating dry irritated skin.
  • In Japan, camellia oil or tsubaki oil, has been traditionally used for hair for hundreds of years. Camellia oil has been known to improve elasticity of hair, promote healthy hair growth, and repair damaged hair, all while regenerating dry scalps.
  • Due to how camellia oil is mostly composed of Oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid, it also serves as a trans-dermal carrier of cell rebuilding nutrients. Research has revealed that it has the ability to permeate lower layers of the stratum corneum to enhance the effect of collagen.
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Price: $11.00

What is Tsubaki Oil?

Tsubaki oil (or camellia oil, oil drawn from the camellia plant) has long been used as an beauty product in Japan. Although Korin does not carry the tsubaki oil for cosmetic purposes, the shine enhancing, smoothing and conditioning properties make it a great product for your knives.

Wipe your carbon knives with tsubaki oil when not in use to prevent corrosion, discoloration, and rust.

Please click the "more info" tab for more benefits of tsubaki oil.

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