Togiharu Inox Steel Sujihiki
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Togiharu Inox Steel Sujihiki
Item #: HTO-INSU
Style: Slicer
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Steel Type

Inox / AUS-8

Saya Cover

Not Included


Double-Edged (70/30)

Blade Length

9.4" (240mm), 10.5" (270mm)

Handle Material

Composite Wood



* Hardness Rockwell C scale

For Left-Handed Customer

  • This Western-style knife can be changed to left-handed by Korin's resident knife master.

  • The fee for this conversion is $20.00 and has been automatically added to the cost of your purchase.

The Togiharu Inox is one of the most popular lines in the Togiharu brand and features the widest variety of styles. The lightweight thin profile and keen edge glides through food without drag or resistance. This line is easy to sharpen, making it possible to acquire a sharp edge quickly in a busy kitchen. The highest level of knife crafting skill is employed to make these blades from a blend of high-grade chromium and molybdenum that allows the blade to hold an edge longer than the Togiharu EA line.

Sujihiki is the ideal knife for slicing roast meats or fish.  With its ultra-thin profile , this Inox steel knife glides through food without drag or resistance. Togiharu Inox knives are easy to sharpen, making it possible to hone the knife to a sharp edge quickly. The highest level of knife crafting skill is employed to make these blades from a blend of high-grade Chromium and Molybdenum Inox steel. Incredible sharpness, a long-lasting edge and rust resistance all in one knife – Togiharu Inox knives are truly a chef’s dream knife.

The Sujihiki is a slicing knife intended for slicing boneless fish filets. It can also be used to slice boneless roasts, hams and poultry breasts. The short height of the blade creates less friction when slicing and the blade draws through fish and meat effortlessly using the entire length of the blade. The sujihiki is the Western-style equivalent the traditional yanagi knife.

For those who would like the convenience of the sujihiki, but blade of a yanagi for fish only, please try Korin's Blade Alteration Services. We will change your sujihiki knives to fit your needs in the kitchen.

The petty is a smaller chef knife that makes it a convenient size for peeling and other delicate work.

General knife care tips and warnings

  • Never wash knives in the dishwasher
  • Stain-resistant knives are not stainless.
  • Improper care will result in rusting and chipping.
  • Please wipe knives dry after use to prevent rusting.
  • Western style knives sold at KORIN have significantly thinner blades than typical Western knives. Use of honing steels or sharpening machines may result in chipping.
  • We advice all customers to always use sharpening stones to sharpen or hone knives.

For more information, please check our pages on different types of sharpening stones or sharpening tips.

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