Flag / Gun Shaped Bamboo Skewers (Teppo Gushi)
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Flag / Gun Shaped Bamboo Skewers (Teppo Gushi)
Item #: TK-633-01
Size: 3.54" (9cm) - 7.08" (18cm)
Quantity: 100pcs/per pack (price by pack)
"Teppo" is the Japanese word for rifle. These decorative and easy to grasp skewers are available in a range of sizes, so their elegant appearance and convenient shape can be enjoyed for a variety of purposes such as grilling yakitori barbecues (BBQ), hors d'oeuvres, and holding large sandwiches together.

With its flat shape and sharp point, the 7-inch variety are large enough to use for grilling tofu, meats, vegetables, or shrimp.