Taiji Sake Warmer - TSK-130B
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Taiji Sake Warmer - TSK-130B
Item #: TK-103-10
Size: 14.5"L x 9.75"W x 22.25"H (33.5"H including sake meter)
Large sake boxes are not sold in FL or PA by law.
ETA: End of October
This industrial strength sake warmer is an indispensable item for restaurants that go through high volumes of sake. The machine works by heating boxes of sake to 45-65ºC by directing the sake through a series of glass tubes surrounded by heated water to warm the sake to the desired temperature. This heats sake evenly and gently, without adversely impacting the flavor or clarity of the sake.
This unit requires its own outlet and regular cleaning. When maintained properly, this sake warmer can last over ten years.
How It Works *This unit uses indirect heat to warm sake. Sake is directed through the machine in a coil that travels through warm water, which heats the sake to the desire temperature. *Fill the unit with water through the hole in the top right of the machine. Take note of the water level indicator directly beneath this hole. The machine has a spout on the bottom right to release water. *The sake box is connected to the machine by a coupler. There are two types of couplers depending on the origin of the sake. Coupler A is included, and fits American sake boxes (ex Oseiki) Coupler B is available for import, and fits Japanese sake boxes (ex. Shirayuki) *Power on and off with the green button. *The yellow temperature control is to the right of the green power button. *For Nurukan, or gently warmed sake, adjust the temperature to 45ºC. *For Atsukan, or hot sake, set the temperature to 65ºC. *The spout controls pouring and is equipped with an automatic shut off function. Push the spout back to pour. *The tray under the spout is adjustable to fit any size sake bottle.
General Care Tips and Warnings Please clean this unit daily. Sugar from the sake will accumulate inside the machine and can cause clogging if not cleaned regularly. To clean, fill an empty sake box with warm water, then run it through the machine as usual. Repeat for best results. If not properly maintained, sugar build-up may cause damage to the machine and some parts may need to be replaced. Replacement Parts When not cleaned regularly, the most common problem is sensor breakage. We sell replacement sensors (TK-103-02/13) to fix this problem. ● We also have a range of replacement parts available for import: ○ Washing brush (TK-103-10/BRUSH) ○ Meter (TK-103-10/METER) ○ Heter Thermostat Structure (TK-103-10/HT) ○ Joint Hose (TK-103-10/JH) ○ Tank (TK-103-10/T) ○ Coupler A Nozzle (TK-103-02-CUPA)

Manufacturer's Model Number



21 lbs.

Electrical Rating

120V, 50/60Hz, 100W

Temperature Control

Controls to monitor and regulate the temperature of the sake


45 - 60 degrees

Outside Dimensions

9.75"W x 14.5"D x 22.25"H (33.5"H incl. sake meter)


5L to 18L cubic sake container feed

Sake Box Size

1.8L sake boxes only


Sake level indicator parts, silicone tubing, funnel, and nozzle for American sakes. Nozzles for Japanese sake must be special ordered.


Sake volume control by level sensor (auto-stop)

Japanese Instructions

English Manual
English Cleaning Instructions



How it works

  • The unit indirectly heats the sake through a coil with warm water.
  • Water enters the unit through top right hole in the machine.
  • Beneath this hole is a water level indicator and then at the bottom on the right is a spout to release water from the unit.
  • The sake box is connected to the machine by a coupler. There are two types of couplers for:
    • Coupler A included: American sake boxes (ex. Oseiki)
    • Coupler B import: Japanese sake boxes (ex. Shirayuki)
  • The power button is the green [SW] button on the unit.
  • The temperature control is to the right of the power yellow power button.
    • Nurukan / low temperature is 45 degrees Celsius.
    • Atsukan / high temperature is 65 degrees Celsius.
  • The next button to the left of the temperature control is the manual pour button.
  • The spout position controls the pouring and has an automatic shut off.
  • When the spout is pushed back, the unit will pour sake.
  • The tray is adjustable under the spout based on the size of the sake bottle.

General knife care tips and warnings

  • Please clean daily. Sugar from the sake will build up inside the machine and cause clogging, if not clean regularly.
  • To clean, please use an empty sake box, fill with warm water, then run the water through the machine several times. 
  • If the unit has not been cleaned, some parts of the unit may need to be replaced.

Replacement Parts

  • The most common problem that occurs if the machine has not been cleaned regularly, is senor breakage.
  • Import part available for purchase through Korin:
    • Washing brush (TK-103-10/BRUSH)
    • Meter (TK-103-10/METER)
    • Heter Thermostat Structure (TK-103-10/HT)
    • Joint Hose (TK-103-10/JH)
    • Tank (TK-103-10/T)
    • Coupler A Nozzle (TK-103-02-CUPA)

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