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Gift & Ideas

If you are looking for that perfect gift that will bring smiles to a friend, family, or loved one then Korin has the perfect gift for you!  We have selected these gifts that are sure to please and delight anyone who receives them.  From the eco-friendly to the traditional, Korin has something for everyone!

Item #: GF-113
Size: 4.75"Dia. x 3"H - 18 oz
List Price: $19.50
Price: $19.50
Item #: GF-115
Size: 4.25"Dia. x 1.5"H - 4 oz
List Price: $18.90
Price: $18.90
Item #: GF-116
Size: 2.5"Dia. x 1.75"H - 2 oz
List Price: $18.90
Price: $18.90
Item #: GF-117
Size: 5"Dia. x 1"H
List Price: $19.80
Price: $19.80
Results 1-48 of 7812