Multipurpose Knife

The Funayuki is a multi-purpose Japanese traditional knife. The name "Funayuki" or "Going on a boat" in Japanese comes from a tradition of fishermen, who kept a knife on their boats to clean fish to prepare their meals on their boats. Although the profile is similar to a Deba, the blade is much thinner than a Deba, making this a much more versatile knife.

The funayuki knife has a slight blade edge on the back side of the knife to prevent moisture from gathering on the blade edge and to provide edge stability.

However, due to the thinness of these knives, they are also very fragile and are only recommended to highly skilled Traditional Japanese knife users. In Japan, only executive chefs are deemed skilled enough to use these knives, because of how easily they chip from improper usage.


  • The funayuki style is the sharpest and most difficult Japanese style knife to use.
  • The funayuki style is not to be treated as a deba knife.
  • Funayuki knives are very thin and therefore very fragile.
  • Korin does not recommend this knife for Traditional Japanese style knife beginners. Only highly skilled Traditional Japanese knife users.

Suisin Gin Momiji Funayuki
Style: Multi-purpose Knife
Item #: HSU-G3MJFU   Size:
Price per item$438.00 – $712.50
Suisin Momiji Funayuki
Style: Multi-purpose Knife
Item #: HSU-MJFU   Size: 7.6" (19.5cm)
Price per item$375.00 – $575.00
Suisin So-Momiji Funayuki Double Edge
Style: Multi-purpose Knife
Item #: HSU-SMJFU-195   Size: 7.6" (19.5cm)
Price: $438.00