Stainless Sieve Frame (Koshiki Uragoshi Waku)
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Stainless Sieve Frame (Koshiki Uragoshi Waku)
Item #: TK-610-01/31
Size: 12.5"Dia. (31cm) x 4.5"H
This sieve frame is used in conjunction with the mesh screen (koshi ami) to secure and hold the screen, making it easy to create refined purees and sauces. Spring form design easily dismantles for easy clean up.

Crafted of high quality stainless steel.

Meshes in various gauges are sold separately.

Mesh Screen for Stainless Sieve Frame (Koshi Ami)
Item#: TK-610-02
Size: 4 Gauges Available
Price: $29.90
Palm Scrubber (Tawashi)
Item#: TK-614-01
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