Hiwa Green Soba Cup
Item #: TEC-234
Size: 3.3"Dia. x 2.5"H - 7oz
The bold contemporary shape and glossy seafoam green glaze make this sauce cup a customer favorite for enjoyment with soba noodles. When served with our matching Hiwa Green Sauce Dish, guests can customize their sauce to suit their personal preference by adding the appropriate amount of ginger, wasabi, and scallion.
List Price: $6.00
Price per item
1 – 11$6.00
12 – 59$5.40
60 +$4.80

Portable, durable and reliable, the bamboo steamer has been a staple in the Japanese kitchen for years. Now the steamer is becoming popular in American kitchens as well- they're great not only for cooking Asian dim-sum, buns, dumplings, and steamed fare, but for steaming absolutely anything quickly and efficiently.

Add as many tiers as you want and steam at the same time, over a water-filled pot on your stove top. Multi-tiered steaming is a convenient way to keep track of different ingredients with different cooking times.


Dishwasher safe
Microwave Safe
X Oven Safe
X Stove Top Safe

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