Korin Membership Program

Thanks to wonderful customers such as yourself, Korin has been in business for over 30 years. To celebrate this grand anniversary and show our gratitude for your support, we have begun a rewards program for our culinary professional customers. To receive membership benefits please fill out and submit the Korin Membership Form.

Membership Perks

  • 10% Off knives 
  • 10% Off knife accessories 
  • 20% Off knife services
  • 5% Off tableware and kitchenware (excluding kitchen equipment) 
  • Special invitations to exclusive Korin events 
  • Chef’s only special offers 
  • Newsletters via e-mail
* Offers cannot be combined with any other promotions or pre-existing benefits. 

All members are required to submit 2 forms of professional identification listed below :

  • Business license or business card indicating profession within the culinary industry. 
  • Certificate of completion from an authorized and recognized culinary program. 
  • Letter printed on company letterhead indicating job description. 
  • Most recent pay stub from current employment within the culinary industry. 
  • Food Service Certification issued by local government. 
  • Copy of culinary student ID card. [Valid for 2 forms of ID]

    Please zip your 2 forms of professional identification and upload the files below.
Please login to your account then add products into your shopping cart to access benefits online. Discounted prices will be shown and automatically deducted once added into the shopping cart.

If the price in the shopping cart has not differed from the item page, please contact customer service via phone (212-587-7021) or email at