Sharpening & Repair

 Having trouble sharpening your knives? Do your knives have chips in them? Do you need an extra-sharp edge for a special event? Send in your knives to Korin for a tune-up. We can sharpen and repair virtually any non-serrated knives, including hunting, and pocket knives. We sharpen all knives by hand using a variety of Japanese water stones. Prices vary from styles of knives and severity in damages. Traditional knives such as yanagi, usuba, and deba, require more labor and skill, thus will cost more to sharpen.

Korin is the first company in the world that was given authorization and certification to re-sharpen and repair knives from Masamoto Shohonten, Misono, Knife Systems (Suisin) and Nenohi.

Knife Sharpening and Fixing Fee

* Even if the knife company is a Japanese brand, it may not be a Traditional Japanese Style. Please note, Korin will determine price by the style.
* Completion of services are guaranteed within 7 days not including shipping time.

Blade Repair

If you crack or chip your blade, send it to us for repair. We use specialized mechanical water wheels imported from Japan. All knives are hand finished on water stones. Prices vary according to the type of knife and amount of repair work necessary. 

* Our knife sharpening and repair services are available for any knives regardless of where they are purchased or if we carry them.

Rust Removal

Korin are able to clean rusted blades or clean discoloration knives. However, there will be some isolated cases where cleaning is not possible. Watch the following video where Vincent explains some examples of such cases: Watch video  

How to send your knives in for sharpening/repairing

1. Print and fill out everything on the Knife Service Request Form. Please be sure to state whether you are left or right handed.

Wrap your knives up very carefully using several sheets of newspaper. Please DO NOT include blade covers, boxes, or sayas. Please pack your knives in a shipping box with extra cushioning (bubble wrap and/or newspaper) and please DO NOT mail in in an padded envelope to avoid accidents during shipping transit. Also, please include a completed request form and send it to:

        Knife Sharpening & Repair Services
        Korin Japanese Trading
        57 Warren Street
        New York, NY 10007

You may also drop your knives off in person at our New York Showroom (same address as the above).

3. Please include a note with your contact information (full name, mailing address, phone number, email address)

4. Please state whether you are a left-handed or right-handed user and what you would like to be done on your knives (for example: broken tip needs repair, chip on blade needs fixing, etc.)


Once Korin Receives Your Knife

1. Our staff will contact you once we have received your knives to inform you of the service and shipping fee.

2. A return shipping fee will be added to any knives we send back to you. All knives are guaranteed to be sharpened within 7 days not including shipping time.  

Once the knives have been sharpened/repaired, we will contact you by phone or e-mail to let you know that they are ready to be shipped back.

We will ship back your knives.

You will receive an email confirmation with the UPS tracking information.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-626-2172 (toll free) or 212-587-7021. You may also email us at