Traditional Japanese Knife Rental Service

Traditional Japanese knives are very task specific and their single beveled edge makes them the sharpest tool any kitchen. However, we understand that using a Traditional Japanese knife for the first time can be difficult and the fine single edged blade chips if used improperly. Try out our borrow service and experience the difference that a real traditional Japanese knife can make first hand!

Knives Available

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Lengths Available



9.4" (240mm)
10.5" (270mm)

The yanagi used to slice boneless fish fillets into sashimi and toppings for sushi. The graceful, thin blade cuts beautiful slices in one long, drawing stroke. Originated in Kansai (Osaka) region.


6.4" (165mm)

The Usuba is a traditional Japanese knife used to cut or make thin sheets of vegetables. Originated in Kanto (Tokyo) region of Japan.


7.0" (180mm)

The Deba is often used in the Japanese fish markets and restaurants that work with whole fish, because it is designed to behead and fillet fish without damaging the fish. Although many use the deba on other meats, the deba is not intended for chopping of large diameter bones nor should it be used by slamming down the knife like a cleaver. For the best results, please put pressure on the spine of the knife to put clean and precise cuts. Originated in Kansai (Osaka) region of Japan.

* Customers are permitted to rent 2 knives at a time.
* Korin will contact you to let you know when you can expect the knife.

Terms and Conditions

To Rent

  1. Please fill out the Knife Rental Request Form linked below
  2. All customers are kindly asked to provide Korin for the shipping fees.
  3. All customers are asked for a deposit for the full amount of the knife. Once the knife is returned, the deposit will be refunded
  4. Korin will cover any minor damages in hopes you have a full experience with the knife.
To Return
  1. All knives must be returned within 14 business days of the shipped out date. 
  2. Customers are held responsible for any missing products and Korin Japanese Trading Corp. reserves the right to hold the initial deposit until rented products are returned.
  3. If product is returned after the 15th day, Korin will deduct a late fee ($25/week) from the initial deposit.
  4. Customers are permitted to rent 2 knives at a time.
  5. Please be advised that by using our services and signing the request documents, you agree to these terms and conditions of the service.