Sentei Shears
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Sentei Shears
Item #: DE-FW-103
Size: 7"L x 2"W
Sentei shears are best used for thick stems and small to medium thickness branches. The spring loading allows for easy usage, while the lock at the base of the handle assures safety when stored away. Although most shears are designed specific purpose in mind, these shears are versatile and can be used for a wide range of floral design and gardening.

General care tips and warnings

  • Korin's ikebana shears are not stain resistant. Do not leave wet.
  • To clean and store scissors, wipe down with a dry cloth and lightly coat in mineral oil to prevent rusting.
  • Do not use scissors to pry off branches.
  • For thicker cuts, cut carefully in a circular motion and remove gently.

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