Cheesecloth (Sarashi)
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Cheesecloth (Sarashi)
Item #: UC-011
Size: 30'L x 13"W

Our high quality cheesecloth (sarashi) is imported from Japan. While originally used in cheese production, sarashi has proved its versatility and is now popularly used for a variety of purposes. From clarifying stocks to making yoghurt and homemade tofu, the cheesecloth has become an indispensible product in the professional and home kitchen alike. Our fine sarashi are made to last— they are designed to be used and reused.

Please exercise caution when using the cheesecloth with fatty ingredients or pungent cheese. We do not recommend reusing cheesecloth that has been used for these purposes, as strong flavors and grease may contaminate delicate flavors of other ingredients.

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Item #: TK-403-03
Size: 3.5"Dia. x 10"L
List Price: $12.25
Price: $12.25
Item #: TK-625-02D
Size: 9.3"L x 3.75"W x 4.25"H
Item is not eligible for return/exchange; limited quantities available and will not be re-purchasable in the future
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Price: $89.50