Sushi Roll Cutter
Item #: RB-014-TK2
Size: 14"L x 16"W x 23"H
 • Easy to operate and clean
 • The following Roll sushi cutting can be made by selecting a relevant cutting unit
 • Please choose from the following cutting units.
    Unit: 6pcs, 8pcs, 9pcs, 10pcs.
 • Weight: 40lbs (18kg)
List Price: $2990.00
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Options of : 6, 8, 9 10 pcs

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14"L x 16"W x 23"H
(36W x 41D x 58H cm)

Body Weight

37.5 lbs / 17 kg

Cutter Cassette

6,8,9,10 pcs cut per roll

Sushi Rolls per Minute

Maximum of 700 rolls

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