Disposable Cedar Chopsticks (Rikyubashi)
List Price: $550.00
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1 – 2$550.00
3 – 4$495.00
5 +$440.00

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Disposable Cedar Chopsticks (Rikyubashi)
Item #: WA-6
Size: 9.5"L
WA-6 contains 2000 chopsticks
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Sometimes it is just more eco-friendly to for restaurants and high volume hotels to purchase disposable utensil than to waste gallons of water and use tons of environmentally harmful soap washing reusable ones. Korin offers the splinter-free Spruce Cedar Rikyubashi that are produced from fallen trees or trees that are cut down to maintain the health of other trees.

Our two-sided tapered chopsticks come with an elegant band in the center.  Solid wood construction prevents splintering. (2000 pcs per case).

To discuss custom chopstick options please contact our customer service team at 1-800-626-2171.

WA-6 comes in a slightly lighter tone and is a considered to be of higher quality than the WA-8.

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