Tessa Black Rectangular Sauce Dish
Item #: SDS-G5976/TK
Size: 3.25"L x 2.4"W x 1.25"H - 2oz
This contemporary rectangular dipping dish features the bold metallic sheen that makes this collection so popular. Coordinating seamlessly with the rest of the Tessa Black Collection, this contemporary style is perfect for soy sauce. Ideally suited for serving a wide variety of dipping sauces and condiments, this dish is popular for its durability and affordability.
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1 – 11$3.70
12 – 239$3.33
240 +$2.96



Our iron "Tetsubin" (also known as Japanese Cast Iron Pots) are enamel coated. There is a wide range of sizes and unique shapes, making them very popular among collectors. The shapes and decor of the "Tetsubin" are beautiful in their simplicity. They represent an aspect of Japanese culture that captures the spirit of the moment shared by those enjoying tea together. The pot keeps tea warm for long periods of time. Care instructions are enclosed with each teapot.

How to maintain:
* Prior to initial use, fill the cast iron teapot with 4/5 of water and boil until 1/3 of water is left in the pot after evaporation.
* Discard the water and rinse.
* Use a wet towel or cloth for cleaning. Do not scrub with coarse material or use detergent to clean.
* Allow the teapot to dry completely to prevent rusting.
* Over time, the tea pot will take on a deep black color and rich character.

Dishwasher safe
Microwave Safe
X Oven Safe
X Stove Top Safe

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Item #: SDS-FU39/B
Size: 3"L x 2.5"W x 1.25"H - 2oz
Out of Stock until Next Year
List Price: $1.70
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1 – 23$1.70
24 – 143$1.53
144 +$1.36

Item #: SDS-A14312/BK
Size: 3"Dia. x 1.5"H - 3oz
List Price: $1.35
Price per item
1 – 23$1.35
24 – 191$1.22
192 +$1.08

Item #: SDS-F23/H
Size: 2.75"L x 2.75"W x 1"H - 2oz
ETA: End of July
List Price: $3.00
Price per item
1 – 23$3.00
24 – 143$2.70
144 +$2.40

Item #: SDS-G5938/TK
Size: 3.4"L x 3.4"W x 0.75"H - 1.5oz
List Price: $3.60
Price per item
1 – 23$3.60
24 – 239$3.24
240 +$2.88

Item #: SDS-G5924/TK
Size: 3.4"Dia. x 1.25"H - 2.5oz
List Price: $3.00
Price per item
1 – 23$3.00
24 – 191$2.70
192 +$2.40

Item #: SDS-200109
Size: 3.75"Dia. x 0.63"H - 1.5oz
List Price: $2.40
Price per item
1 – 23$2.40
24 – 239$2.16
240 +$1.92