Porous Sharpening Stone Fixer - Pink
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Price: $38.00
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Porous Sharpening Stone Fixer - Pink
Item #: HA-1094
Size: 8"L x 2.5" W x 1.25"H
Why Stone Fixers are Important

The stone fixer's porous texture makes the process of resurfacing sharpening stones faster than others in the market. The wider body of the stone also allows it easily resurface a stone more evenly as it covers more area creating a optimal sharpening environment.


  1. Soak the stone fixer for 10 minutes and the medium/fine stone in water for the appropriate amount of time.
  2. Use the stone fixer on the stone's edges first to take off the corners/edges of the stone to avoid accidentally chipping knives.
  3. Start to sand off the top of the stone with a back-and-forth motion>
  4. Remove enough material to flatten the surface of the stone.
  5. If the stone fixer is used regularly after sharpening, it will take a shorter time to level the stone each time.

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