Open Fan Onyx and Gold Cut Crystal Rocks Glass
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Open Fan Onyx and Gold Cut Crystal Rocks Glass
Item #: GF-C637
Size: 2.8"D x 2.7"H - 2.9oz
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Kiriko is the Japanese art of cutting designs into glass. Yachiyo style of kiriko is a new approach created by Japan’s premier glass company. The word Yachiyo, literally means "eight thousand generations", symbolizes eternity and is considered to be a poetic and divine praise.Yachiyo style takes traditional patterns and design then gives it a modern twist. Ancient Japanese motifs are actively fused with modern elements in each Yachiyo Kiriko design, which makes Yachiyo Kiriko unique to traditional Japanese cut glass schools and earns high artistic praise.

Each glass is delicately crafted and blown by traditional Japanese craftsmen who are recognized and protected by the government. These master artisans use traditional techniques that they polished for years to create these fine glassware.

This exquisite hand-cut crystal tumbler features rich onyx glass, real gold flakes and comes individually packed in a wooden box.