Tar-Hong Non-Electric Rice Warmer
Item #: TK-102-22
This Tar-Hong Rice Warmer requires no electricity and is unencumbered by moving parts. Stainless steel construction and state-of-the-art insulation ensures that rice stays warm throughout service. These rice warmers have a 40 or 60 cup capacity, making it ideal for busy restaurants and catering operations. Without cords or the need for electricity, these warmers stack conveniently and are NSF-approved. For optimum performance, we recommend using these warmers with a rice net to prevent sticking and allow for easy transportation.
List Price: $
Price per Item: $199.00 – $210.00



Model Number

40 cups : SEJ72000
60 cups : SEJ74000


40 or 60 cups


- Stackable
- State of the arts insulation and stainless steel construction.

Recommended Accessories

Rice nets


NSF Approved



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Item #: TK-102-NE
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