Korin Sand Clean Scrubber - Rough
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10 – 119$6.26
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Korin Sand Clean Scrubber - Rough
Item #: TK-614-04C
Size: 46.5"L x 4"W
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Our environmentally friendly scrubber is a convenient, non-abrasive alternative to steel wool and scouring pads. This long lasting, biodegradable product is easy on your hands and the environment. Ideal for scrubbing dishes, pots and pans, stovetops, grills, ovens, sinks, and even bathroom surfaces, our scrubber is perfect for both household and industrial use. Requiring less detergent than conventional products, our scrubber can remove tough stains from tea and coffee, yet is gentle enough for use on tile and safe for scrubbing from vegetables. Available in a fine, medium and rough, the Sandclean scrubber is a versatile and economical solution for your scrubbing and scouring needs.

Qualities of Sandclean Scrubber

  • The Sandclean scrubber is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • More durable and versatile product than steel wire scrubbers.
  • For use in the kitchen or bathroom on equipment, pots and pans.
  • Safe to use on food. These scrubbers can be used to take any dirt off of potatoes or carrots.
  • It does not rust or hurt your hands.
  • Cut the scrubber into smaller pieces for different uses.

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How to prepare the Sand Cleaner for use: 

1. Add water

2. Scrunch with hands

3. Ready to use!

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Korin Sandclean Scrubber - Rough without Package
Item#: TK-614-04C/NP
Size: 46.5"L x 4"W
Price per item
1 – 9$6.50
10 – 299$5.20
300 +$4.55

Korin Sand Clean Scrubber - Medium
Item#: TK-614-04B
Size: 46.5"L x 4"W
Price per item
1 – 9$5.80
10 – 119$5.22
120 +$4.64

Korin Sand Clean Scrubber - Fine
Item#: TK-614-04D
Size: 46.5"L x 4"W
Price per item
1 – 9$5.50
10 – 119$4.95
120 +$4.40

Large Palm Scrubber with Rope Core (Tawashi)
Item#: TK-30-201
Size: 6.75"L x 4.25"W x 2.5"H
Price per item
1 – 11$2.75
12 – 143$2.48
144 +$2.20

Palm Scrubber with Rope Core (Tawashi) 2 Piece Set
Item#: TK-30-202
Size: 3.75"L x 3"W x 2"H
Price per item
1 – 11$2.75
12 – 239$2.48
240 +$2.20