Masamoto Virgin Carbon Steel

The Masamoto Virgin Carbon knives have a junkou steel (virgin carbon) blade and a pakka wood handle. The handles are rounder and larger than other lines in Korin’s collection, which make them comfortable for those with larger hands. Steel enthusiasts prefer carbon steel knives above stain resistant blades due to their exceptional sharpness.

What is Pakka Wood?
Pakka Wood is a high quality and long lasting material created by combining resins with sheets of hardwood in multiple layers.  Treated with heat and pressure, a solid piece is created.  Not only is pakkawood beautiful, it is also strong and moisture resistant.


  • HRc: 61-62 
  • Bevel: 70/30 
  • Steel Type: Steel Type: Carbon (Moisture and acidity will cause discoloration or rust)

For Left-Handed Customer
  • This Western-style knife can be changed to left-handed by Korin's resident knife master.
  • The fee for this conversion is $20.00 and will be added to the cost of your purchase. 
  • Left handed Honesuki, Yo-Deba, Hankotsu, and Garasuki knives must be special ordered from Japan. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.
Item #: HMA-VSGY
Style: Chef's Knife
240mm : OUT OF STOCK
List Price: $
Price per Item: $182.00 – $303.00
Item #: HMA-VSSU
Style: Slicer
List Price: $
Price per Item: $234.00 – $301.00
Item #: HMA-VSYD
Size: 8.2" (21cm)
Style: Butcher Knife
List Price: $
Price per Item: $290.00 – $368.00
Item #: HMA-VSPE
Size: 5.9" (15cm)
Style: Petty & Utility Knife
List Price: $
Price per Item: $102.00 – $121.00
Item #: HMA-VSGA-175
Size: 6.8" (17.5cm)
Style: Boning Knife
List Price: $
Price: $328.00
Item #: HMA-VSHO
Style: Boning Knife
List Price: $
Price: $182.00