Togiharu Inox Hollow Ground

The Togiharu Hollow Ground line is created out of 8A steel and a composite wood handle. The dimples on the surface of the knife function as air pockets to help prevent ingredients from sticking to the knife, making this line ideal for busy cooks. In comparison to the Togiharu Inox, this line’s blade is slightly thicker and heavier which makes it well suited for rougher work.


  • HRc: 58 
  • Bevel: 70/30 
  • Steel Type: Stain Resistant

For Left-Handed Customer
  • This Western-style knife can be changed to left-handed by Korin's resident knife master.
  • The fee for this conversion is $20.00 and will be added to the cost of your purchase. 
  • Left handed Honesuki, Yo-Deba, and Hankotsu knives are not available for the Togiharu brand.

Item #: HTO-HGGY
Size: 8.2" (21cm), 9.4" (24cm)
List Price: $
Price per Item: $154.00 – $179.00
Item #: HTO-HGSU
List Price: $
Price per Item: $125.00 – $198.50
Item #: HTO-HGSA
Size: 7" (18cm)
List Price: $
Price: $149.50