Togiharu Hammered Texture Damascus

The Togiharu Hammered Damascus is one of the most popular lines within the Togiharu collection. This line features a unique and beautiful `tsuchi-me’ (hammered texture) on the blade and a VG-10 steel core, which makes it popular both for professionals and as gifts. Each hand finished hammered damascus blade is specially customized by Korin to fit professional needs. The symmetrical 50:50 double edged blade is suitable for both right and left-handed individuals.


  • HRc: 59-60 
  • Bevel: 50/50 (Left and right handed user friendly) 
  • Steel Type: Stain Resistant

Item #: HTO-HDGY
Size: 2 Sizes Available
Style: Chef's Knife
List Price: $
Price per Item: $159.00 – $189.00
Item #: HTO-HDSA-180
Size: 7.0" (18cm)
Style: Multi-purpose Knife
List Price: $149.00
Price: $149.00
Item #: HTO-HDNA-165
Size: 6.4" (16.5cm)
Style: Vegetable Slicer
List Price: $149.00
Price: $149.00
Item #: HTO-HDSU-240
Size: 9.4" (24cm)
Style: Slicer
List Price: $169.00
Price: $169.00
Item #: HTO-HDPE-140
Size: 5.5" (14cm)
Style: Petty & Utility Knife
List Price: $105.00
Price: $105.00
Item #: HTO-HDPA-85
Size: 3.4" (8.5cm)
Style: Paring & Peeling Knife
List Price: $89.00
Price: $89.00
Item #: HTO-HD-2
Size: Santoku 7.0" (18cm), Petty 5.5" (14cm)
Style: Multi-purpose, Petty & Utility Knife
List Price: $254.00
Price: $254.00
Item #: HTO-HD-3
Size: Gyutou 8.2" (21cm), Nakiri 6.4" (16.5cm), Paring 3.4" (8.5cm)
Style: Chef's, Vegetable, Paring Knife
List Price: $397.00
Price: $397.00