Togiharu Cobalt Damascus

The Togiharu Cobalt line is created out of layered VG-10 damascus steel and a black composite wood handle. Cobalt’s properties strengthen and harden the blade, increasing durability and edge retention. These professional grade knives feature a gorgeous damascus design that also makes them popular as gifts. The symmetrical 50:50 double edged blade is suitable for both right and left-handed individuals.

Cobalt is a naturally occurring inclusive (inclusion: any mineral or material that is trapped inside another mineral while being formed) mineral found in various ores used in the preparation of magnetic, wear-resistant, and high strength alloys.

Cobalt's properties include increasing the strength or hardness of a steel.  Knife manufacturers who are forging knives from metals such as VG-10 and Ginsan-ko have an added benefit due to the cobalt content already present in these two types of steel. The Cobalt vanishes after the tempering process. Forging a knife purely out of Cobalt is nearly impossible and would be not be cost-effective. When sharpening these types of knives, it may be more difficult to regain a proper edge, but their durability and cutting edge are razor-sharp.


  • HRc: 59-60 
  • Bevel: 50/50 (Left and right handed user friendly) 
  • Steel Type: Stain Resistant

Togiharu Cobalt Damascus Santoku
Item #: HTO-CDSA-165
Size: 6.4" (16.5cm)
Style: Multi-purpose Knife
List Price: $128.00
Price: $128.00
Togiharu Cobalt Damascus Petty / Utility Knife
Item #: HTO-CDPE-140
Size: 5.5" (14cm)
Style: Petty & Utility Knife
List Price: $78.00
Price: $78.00