Suisin Ao-ko Mizu Honyaki

酔心 水本焼 • 青二鋼

Suisin Brand knives are made in traditional fashion using established methods of forging to produce classic knives. Suisin knives feature slightly wider blade edges and a heavier feel in the hand than other makers’ knives. These superb honyaki knives are forged from ultra-high grade ao-ko steel, an extremely limited and exclusive resource in Japan. Both the kensaki (sword-tip) yanagi and sakimaru (rounded-tip) takobiki are used for making flawless slices of sashimi and sushi toppings.


  • HRc: 61 
  • Bevel: Single Edged 
  • Steel Type: Blue Steel #2 (Moisture and acidity will cause discoloration or rust)

For Left-Handed Customer

  • Left-handed blades must be special ordered from Japan, and will cost 50% more than the right-handed blades. Due to how each traditional Japanese knife is handmade by right handed craftsmen, it will take 4 to 6 weeks to forge and deliver.

Item #: HSU-AMH-ST360-ES
Size: 14" (36cm)
List Price: $7880.00
Price: $7,880.00