Honing Steels

Honing steels are frequently used in the professional kitchen to quickly put an edge on a dull knife. However, contrary to popular belief, a proper edge cannot be achieved with a honing steel as it is originally intended for realigning and straightening blades. Korin recommends honing steels for softer Western made Western knives, but does not recommend use on Japanese made Western knives. Due to the Japanese knifes' harder and thinner blade, the edge cannot be restored and use of a honing steel may damage your knife or change the body style.
Item #: HRU-DDS12
Size: 12" (30cm) Steel, 17" Total
List Price: $44.90
Price: $44.90
Item #: HA-SRB-104
Size: 10.7"L (26.5cm) Steel, 16" Total
List Price: $54.50
Price: $54.50
Item #: HMA-CT6530/P
Size: 12" (30cm) Steel, 18" Total
List Price: $89.00
Price: $89.00