Nenohi Shiro-ko Special Dentoukougeishi Hongasumi

子の日 伝統工芸士 • 本霞 • 白二鋼

Nenohi’s special line of shiro-ko hongasumi knives are forged by dentoukougeishi craftsmen in Japan. Dentoukougeishi are highly skilled master artisans recognized by the Japanese government for their commitment to protecting traditional arts and techniques. These knives are made with a wider kireha (cutting blade) and extreme attention to detail.


  • HRc: 62 
  • Bevel: Single Edged 
  • Steel Type: White Steel #2 (Moisture and acidity will cause discoloration or rust)

For Left-Handed Customer

  • Left-handed blades must be special ordered from Japan, and will cost 50% more than the right-handed blades. Due to how each traditional Japanese knife is handmade by right handed craftsmen, it will take 4 to 6 weeks to forge and deliver.

Nenohi Special Dentoukougeishi Hongasumi Yanagi
Item #: HNE-DSHHYA   Size:
Style: Sashimi Slicer
Price per item$595.00 – $680.00
Nenohi Special Dentoukougeishi Hongasumi Deba
Item #: HNE-DSHHAD   Size:
Style: Fish & Butcher Knife
Price per item$498.00 – $880.00
Nenohi Special Dentoukougeishi Hongasumi Kamagata Usuba
Item #: HNE-DSHHKU   Size:
Style: Vegetable Slicer
Price per item$495.00 – $798.00