Takeshi Saji was born in 1948 in Fukui prefecture famed for its seven-hundred years history of Echizen hammer forged knives. He began learning the basic forging processes and techniques at a local blacksmith training school at the young age of fifteen until he was eighteen years old. Master Saji succeeded his father as the third generation dentoukougeishi master craftsman after twelve years of strict supervision and training. Dentoukougeishi are traditional craftsmen acknowledged by the Japanese government. These craftsmen are recognized for their commitment of protecting traditional Japanese art and practices. He began producing his original lines of traditional Japanese style and Western style hunting knives using laminated high carbon steel. The blades of his knives are finished with Hamaguri style convexed edge with beautifully crafted handles made out of materials such as oak, bamboo wrapped with cherry wood, ray skin and much more.

After forty-five years of dedication to knife crafting, Master Saji has turned his passion to a collectible line of kitchen knives. Korin is proud to feature Master Saji’s special collection of unique Sajiuchi damascus style knives. Many of the Sajiuchi damascus knives are made out of Aogami Super steel also known as blue steel #1. Each piece is handled with a decorative natural wood material.