Nenohi Keyaki Kensaki Yanagi

子の日 欅 両鏡面仕上 • ハイカーボン粉未特殊鋼

The Nenohi Keyaki Kengata Yanagi is crafted using traditional honyaki techniques and a special powder steel called Cowry-X steel, which contains three times the amount of carbon steel of what is typically used. The increased carbon steel content in Cowry-X steel makes the Nenohi Keyaki knives more durable and have a longer edge retention than honyaki style Japanese knives. The Nenohi Keyaki kengata yanagi is polished to high mirror finish and is shaped to resemble a katana sword.


  • HRc: 62 
  • Bevel: Single Edged 
  • Steel Type: Carbon (Moisture and acidity will cause discoloration or rust)

For Left-Handed Customer

  • Left-handed blades must be special ordered from Japan, and will cost 50% more than the right-handed blades. Due to how each traditional Japanese knife is handmade by right handed craftsmen, it will take 4 to 6 weeks to forge and deliver.

Size: 12.9" (33cm)
Style: Sashimi Slicer
List Price: $
Price per Item: $3,575.00 – $5,362.50