Suisin High-Carbon Steel

The Suisin High Carbon line is crafted out of a single piece of Nihon-kou (Japanese carbon) steel with a welded bolster and composite wood handle. Knives with very hard blades tend to be difficult to sharpen, therefore, Suisin does not use the same steel as traditional Japanese knives in the forging process. This difference in carbon steel allows the Suisin High Carbon blades to have a professional grade edge retention that can be sharpened with ease.


  • HRc: 58 
  • Bevel: 70/30 
  • Steel Type: Carbon (Moisture and acidity will cause discoloration or rust)

For Left-Handed Customer
  • This Western-style knife can be changed to left-handed by Korin's resident knife master.
  • The fee for this conversion is $20.00 and will be added to the cost of your purchase. 
  • Left handed Honesuki, Yo-Deba, Hankotsu knives are not available for the Suisin brand.
Item #: HSU-HCGY
Style: Chef's Knife
List Price: $
Price per Item: $87.00 – $152.00
Item #: HSU-HCSU
Style: Slicer
List Price: $
Price per Item: $112.00 – $152.00
Item #: HSU-HCHO-150
Size: 5.9" (15cm)
Style: Boning Knife
List Price: $
Price: $90.00
Item #: HSU-HCYD
Size: 8.2" (21cm)
Style: Butcher Knife
List Price: $
Price per Item: $150.00 – $169.00
Item #: HSU-HCPE-150
Size: 5.9" (15cm)
Style: Petty & Utility Knife
List Price: $
Price per Item: $69.50 – $82.00