Nenox Desert Iron Wood Handles

Nenox has combined their famously hard high carbon stain resistant blade with a shrink resistant handle. Desert Ironwood is made from 50 to 100 year old carbonized roots from the Southwestern deserts of The United States and Mexico. The Nenox steel and lovely dark brown wooden handle allows for a vintage look without sacrificing practicality.


  • HRc: 60 
  • Bevel: 70/30 
  • Steel Type: Stain Resistant

For Left-Handed Customer
  • This Western-style knife can be changed to left-handed by Korin's resident knife master.
  • The fee for this conversion is $20.00 and will be added to the cost of your purchase. 
  • Left handed Yo-Deba knives are not available for the Nenox brand.
  • Left handed honesuki knives must be specially ordered from Japan. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

NENOX Custom Damascus Gyuto with Ironwood Handle
Item #: HNE-SP-25   Size: 8.2" (21cm)
Lead Time: Approximately a month
Price: $1,670.00
Nenox Desert Iron Wood Gyutou
Item #: HNE-IWGY   Size: 8.2" (21cm), 9.4" (24cm), 10.5" (27cm), 11.7" (30cm)
Style: Chef's Knife
Price per item$495.00 – $775.00
Nenox Desert Iron Wood Sujihiki
Item #: HNE-IWSU   Size: 9.0" (23cm), 11.2" (28.5cm),
Style: Slicer
Price per item$518.00 – $630.00
Nenox Desert Iron Wood Petty / Utility Knife
Item #: HNE-IWPE   Size: 4.0" (10cm), 5.9" (15cm)
Style: Petty & Utility Knife
Price per item$290.00 – $315.00
Nenox Desert Iron Wood Honesuki
Item #: HNE-IWHO   Size: 5.9" (15cm)
Style: Boning Knife
Price per item$425.00 – $518.00
Nenox Desert Iron Wood Yo-Deba
Item #: HNE-IWYD   Size: 6.4" (165mm)
Style: Butcher Knife
Price: $525.00