New Kitchenware

Looking to update your kitchenware? This is the perfect place to start. The latest additions to Korin’s kitchenware lines are handpicked to compliment the rest of our collection. Check in frequently to stay updated on what is new here at Korin.
Item #: HA-1105
Size: Sizes based on steel length
List Price: $
Price: $88.00
Item #: TK-1179
List Price: $
Price: $39.95
Item #: TK-636-16-22
Weight: 22 lbs
List Price: $185.00
Price: $185.00
Item #: TK-501-23/INSIDE
Size: 4.25"Lx 2.75"Wx 2.25"H
List Price: $7.60
Price: $7.60