Japanese Sumi Charcoal
Item #: TK-636-02
Size: 3"L x 5.75"D
Weight: 3 & 5lbs bags available
Sumi charcoal is a charcoal briquette that is more economical than aramaru and white binchotan. Sumi charcoal is also chemical free and almost smoke free. Sumi charcoal is the easiest to light out of the three types of Japanese charcoals, however they have a shorter life (up to 3 hours).

This makes them ideal to mix with aramaru or white binchotan, due to how sumi charcoal is the easiest Japanese charcoal to burn. The lack of chemical additives and the incredibly high heat preserves the flavorful juices, adds a beautiful sear, and makes anything barbecued on it absolutely delectable.

Binchotan charcoal has become so popular lately that it is fast becoming a precious commodity. Its veteran makers are aging, and as supplies of ubame oak, the traditional raw material for it, dwindle, evergreen oak is now increasingly used instead. Prices are rising, and charcoal dealers in Japan predict that Binchotan will disappear in as little as 10 years... [read more]

Made in Malaysia

Most economical and easiest to ignite
List Price: $
Price per Item: $12.50 – $18.50

3 lbs & 5 lbs: Out of Stock Until Next Year
Non-Grilling Benefits of Binchotan

  • Even if its no longer BBQ season and it's time to put those grills away for the cold winter, binchotan can still be used around the house.
  • Binchotan filters and absorbs chemicals in water. All water filters have white charcoal in them.
  • Absorbs odors
  • Absorbs dampness You can put it in your fridge to replace baking soda, then simply soak them in water to revive their effectiveness!
  • Try leaving binchotan on your bedside. Binchotan produces negative ions that helps the immune system and decreases electromagnetism.
  • Neutralizes and improves soil quality for plants.
  • Small amounts of binchotan powder can help kill stomach viruses, prevent food poisoning, and stop diarrhea. *Warning: Large amounts is unhealthy.*
  • Small amounts in rice cookers increases the rice's calcium content and allows it to keep for longer.
  • Bathing with a little bit of binchotan in the water can help improve blood cycle, hair and skin.
  • Allow the charcoal sit over a direct flame for 30 minutes to an hour. Korin recommends using a binchotan starter pan for convenience.
  • Fan the charcoal to heat faster.


Please do not burn charcoal indoors, only in well ventilated areas. All types of burning charcoal will produce odorless Carbon Monoxide gas. For best result, keep in cool and dry environments. Damp charcoal may take longer to ignite and may be hazardous.

Japanese Sumi Charcoal Instruction Sheet (PDF)

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