Izakaya - The Japanese Pub Cookbook
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Izakaya - The Japanese Pub Cookbook
Item #: BK-014
Size: 160 pages
By Mark Robinson
Mark Robinson is an editor and journalist who has written regularly from Tokyo on food and culture for publications including the Financial Times and The Times(U.K.), the Australian Financial Review Magazine, and others. Born in Tokyo and raised mostly in Sydney, Australia, he returned to Japan in 1988 where, enchanted by izakaya, he has remained.
Photograohs by Masashi Kuma

A Gateway to Japan's Friendliest Dining Experience

* An introduction to eight brilliant Tokyo izakaya establishments: their histories, their cooking, their chefs and their passion for superb food and drink

* A thorough guide to entering the world of izakaya: hints on everything from manners to language

* 60 detailed recipes for casual dining and entertaining

* Comprehensive information on Japanese ingredients, substitutes and cooking techniques

* A great source of inspiration for hungry gourmets, avid cooks and food industry devotees

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