Iwatani Tabletop Induction Stove
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Iwatani Tabletop Induction Stove
Item #: TK-109-07
Size: 15"L x 17.38"W x 3.75"H
Light and energy-efficient, our Iwatani Tabletop Induction stove is the perfect solution for your portable cooking needs. This induction cooker has a digital touchpad feature to ensure consistent temperature. Adhering to the highest safety standards, this portable stove is 80-90% more energy efficient than the conventional portable stove.


Supply Voltage



Digital touch pad: Ensures consistent temperature.

Cooking Method

Induction cooking: Uses an electromagnetic field to heat pots and pans only.

Safety Control

Auto-overheating shut off function.


Light, portable and multiple units can be used side by side.


80-90% More energy efficient than other portable stoves.

Safety Standard

NSF, ETL Approved



Induction ranges are growing in popularity because they are efficient, powerful and convenient. Induction cooking eliminates hot cooking surfaces - an electromagnetic field heats pots and pans only.

Each unit is able to efficiently convert 80-90% of the energy input into cooking heat, making it one of the most energy efficient appliances available. Digital touch pad controls ensures consistant temperature.

Eliminating open flames results in a safer, cooler cooking environment. Great for culinary tasting events, catering and buffet service.

This model is the most portable and durable available. With a slimmer frame and profile, it is lighter and multiple units can be placed side by side. Constructed with Schott-Ceran top-plates, it incorporates auto-overheating shut-off, a material compatibility detector, and electronic touch pad controls for an extremely user friendly experience.

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Item #: TK-600
Size: Available in 5 Sizes
Quantity: 100 pcs/per pack (price by pack)
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1 – 9$4.80 – $9.80
10 – 19$4.32 – $8.82
20 +$3.84 – $7.84

Item #: TK-633-06/09
Size: 3.5"L
Quantity: 100pcs/per pack (price by pack)
List Price: $1.95
Price per item
1 – 49$1.95
50 – 99$1.76
100 +$1.56

Item #: TK-112-06
Size: 15"W (17.5" W including handle) x 6.5"H
List Price: $145.00
Price: $145.00
Item #: TK-112-07
Size: 15.5"L x 8.5"W x 6"H
List Price: $134.00
Price: $134.00