Issaya Siamese Club Cookbook
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Issaya Siamese Club Cookbook
Item #: BK-029
Size: 215 pages
By Ian Kittichai

Bangkok-born Ian Kittichai became the first Thai national ever to be named executive chef of a five-star hotel. He has trained and worked as a professional chef in London, Paris, Napa Valley, Tokyo and Catalonia, and has founded acclaimed restaurants in Bangkok, New York and Mumbai. He appears weekly in over 70 countries on his televised cooking show Chef Mue Tong (Golden Hand Chef), and is a regular chef on Iron Chef Thailand.


Master the basics of Thai cuisine while learning 81 recipes straight from the kitchens of Issaya Siamese Club, the flagship restaurant of internationally renowned Thai Chef Ian Kittichai.

All of the techniques and ingredients included in these signature Issaya recipes are authentic, representing centuries of Thai food culture. Background information on the history of Thai cooking, along with the story of how Chef Kittichai established Issaya Siamese Club in a historic residence in Bangkok, is also included.

The recipes cover the length and breadth of the Issaya repertoire, from dipping sauces and curry pastes to spicy salads, main dishes and Thai sweets. Tips on set-up and preparation unique to Thai cuisine are addressed as well.


Issaya Siamese Club Cookbook placed #3 as the Best Cookbook of the Year worldwide at the Gourmand Awards 2014! Also won as Best Chef & Author Cookbook for Thailand for 2014 at the Gourmand Awards.


215 Pages and 81 Recipes

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