Ishiyaki Grilling Stone
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Ishiyaki Grilling Stone
Item #: KON-122
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Ishiyaki stones are a fun and unique way to cook your food. Simply heat the stone on your stove top, place it on a heat proof plate, and then cook directly on the stone. Once the stone is heated it remains hot for 10-15 minutes. The stones are man-made of the minerals Petalite (50-60%) and Cordierite (40-50%) which can endure direct flame. Please note when washing the stone it must first be fully cooled, no detergent should be used, and the stone should not be soaked.

Image courtesy of Sushi Samba


  • Leave the stone on a stove for 30-40 min (Depending on size)
  • The stone will remain hot for approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

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Item#: KON-21191
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