Iron Tempura Pot
Item #: TK-303-01
The ingenious design of this pot is perfectly customized for the flawless preparation of tempura. With a large surface area and just the perfect depth for frying, heat distributes quickly and evenly. Available in five sizes to suit the needs of any restaurant, the iron pot is an essential and economical tool for crispy tempura every time.

Sizes:  All are 5"high

15.35" (30 cm)
16.53" (42 cm)
17.71" (45 cm)
20.07" (52 cm)

List Price: $
Price per Item: $119.50 – $289.50


X Dishwasher safe
X Microwave Safe
Oven Safe
Stove Top Safe

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Item #: TK-303-02C
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