Cast Iron Takoyaki Plate
List Price: $18.90
Price: $18.90
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Cast Iron Takoyaki Plate
Item #: IP-107
Size: 8.25"L x 8"W x 1.75"H
High quality single handled cast-iron pan is designed for takoyaki, the beloved Japanese street food. Follow tradition and use it for making the popular savory octopus pancake balls or branch out and use it for new and innovative dishes.

Can be heated directly on any stovetop.
* Upon first time use, please inspect product for any defects such as cracks or dentations. 

 * Wash with water and wipe dry. When placed on a stove, heat then season with oil. Do not leave product on a source of heat for a prolonged period of time.

* Upon first time use, surface may stick. Through several uses and seasonings, the surface will develop a nonstick layer. 

 * When storing, wash with hot water, heat product, oil and then store in a dry environment. Avoid the use of detergent. If rust is visible, use a metal scrubber and gently clean the pan then oil lightly. 

 * Storing the product in a humid environment may cause rusting.

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