Grill Pan (Yaki Yaki San)
Item #: DNA-121-05
Size: 13"Dia. x 4.25"H
The yaki yaki san delivers high performance indoor grilling. Relying on the mineral rich clay located in the Iga region of Japan, the yaki yaki san can be used directly on your gas stove or with a portable flame at the dinning table. The ingenious design of the grill plate provides your ingredients with perfect char marks, while directing grease away from food and into the interior lip. Fill this space water before use and it will prevent splattering for ease of clean up. Prepare skewers of yakitori, shrimp or vegetables for parties or festive evenings at home.
List Price: $180.00
Price: $180.00



  • This products emits far less smoke compared to your standard grill pan so you can enjoy cooking yakiniku (grilled meat) inside your home!
  • Water in the outer reservoir catches the excess fat drained during cooking.
  • Far Infared Radiation (FIR) from the grill cooks ingredients nicely like a charcoal grill

How to use

  1. Place the yakiyakisan over a gas stove
  2. Fill the base well with water. Only fill 80% to prevent overflowing.
  3. Place the grilling top over the base.
  4. Turn on the gas stove and heat the yakiyakisan for 5 minutes over high heat.
  5. After 5 minutes, lower the stove to medium heat, and begin grilling.

The yakiyakisan uses the unique features of the Iga clay to grill ingredients perfectly and as if it is grilling over Japanese charcoal. The hot iga clay earthenware produces high heat and infrared rays to create a crisp outer layer that traps the juices and flavor of the ingredients inside. The design of the grilling top drains any excess oils and fats into the water well, which makes for a very healthy cooking method. With the yakiyakisan, you can grill fish, meat, and vegetables easily at home with very little smoke in comparison to other stove top grills.


  • Dry completely before setting the yakiyakisan over a stove. Failure to dry earthenware thoroughly may result in cracking and breaking.
  • Hand wash the yakiyakisan thoroughly after use, and allow to dry completely before storing. Storing before earthenware is dry will result in molding, cracking, and breaking. Only store earthenware in dry storage spaces to prevent molding.
  • Allow the yakiyakisan to cool completely before washing or placing in water. Sudden temperature changes may result in earthenware to crack.
  • Certain ingredients may produce some smoke. Please keep the room well ventilated.
  • The yakiyakisan will retain high heat even after the gas stove is turned off. Please handle with caution to avoid accidents and wounds.
  • Use a base or trivet under the yakiyakisan, if you remove the yakiyakisan from the stove to a different surface. Earthenware can scratch up surfaces without a base.
  • To remove stubborn grease and food residue, please soak in water for a few minutes then wash.
Chef Reviews
“It’s the perfect tabletop grill. It’s a great compact size that deliciously cooks various foods like meat, fish, shrimp and vegetables. I love that the outer reservoir makes it virtually smokeless. The Iga clay also produces such even heat that there are no hotspots to burn your food. The obvious choice is to cook yaki-tori, Korean BBQ, or shishkabob. It would even be a great way to grill vegetables for a ratatouille.”- Chef Ming Tsai

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