Korin Ginsan-ko Sushikiri
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Price: $740.00
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Korin Ginsan-ko Sushikiri
Item #: HKR-G3SK-225
Size: 8.8" (22.5cm)
Style: Sushi Roll Knife



Steel Type

(Stain Resisant)



Saya Cover

Not Included


Double Edge (50/50)

Blade Length

8.8" (225mm)

Handle Material

Yew Wood

Bolster Material

Water Buffalo
(Bolsters are made from natural horn therefore colors may vary)



* Hardness Rockwell C scale

For Left-Handed Customer

  • 50/50 bevel knives are left-handed friendly.

Did you know?

  • Korin offers their customers a free maintenance service for all traditional Japanese knives!

  • The initial blade serves as a sharpening guide in the future. Free initial sharpening and uraoshi sharpening is available with every purchase. Please be aware that sharpened knives are not eligible for returns.

Due to the ever-increasing popularity of the sushi roll, or makimono, restaurants around the world are serving thicker custom sushi rolls with unique combinations of ingredients.

But makimono can be difficult to cut without crushing or disturbing the delicate contents. The ingenious style and shape of the Korin sushikiri is expressly designed for cutting sushi rolls easily with a simple back-to-front and then front-to-back rolling motion.

The Ginsan-ko steel blade is stain-resistant with an easy to maintain,V-shaped edge. No formal training is needed touse this knife like a pro!

General knife care tips and warnings

  • Never wash knives in the dishwasher
  • Stain-resistant knives are not stainless.
  • Improper care will result in rusting and chipping.
  • Please wipe knives dry after use to prevent rusting.

  • Traditional Japanese knives have significantly thinner and more delicate blades than Western knives. The use of honing steels or sharpening machines will result in chipping.
  • Please do not attempt to cut through bones with traditional Japanese knives, unless it is a butchering knife.
  • Traditional Japanese knives could slightly bend, due to the heat tempering of the two different carbon quality steel in the blade. Korin offers customers a free service to prepare the knife before use.
  • We advise all customers to have a skilled sharpener put the initial blade on knives, due to how the initial blade serves as a sharpening guide in the future. Korin offers a complimentary initial sharpening and uraoshi sharpening with every purchase.
  • It is important to always flatten sharpening stones with a stone fixer to avoid knives from warping shapes.
  • We advice all customers to always use sharpening stones to sharpen or hone knives.

For more information, please check our pages on different types of sharpening stones or sharpening tips.

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