Footed Cast Iron Sukiyaki Pan with a Handle
Item #: IP-901
Size: 8" Dia. x 1.25"H - 30 oz
Traditionally used to cook sukiyaki, this durable pan features a wide flat surface making it perfect for stew type dishes. Great for table top cooking, or use the handle to bring it to the table when ready. The cast iron body will retain heat while the dish is being enjoyed. Popular for home use as well as restaurant service.
List Price: $39.50
Price per item
1 – 9$39.50
10 – 29$35.55
30 +$31.60

Prepare Before First Use
  • Inspect product for any defects such as cracks or dents.
  • Wash with water and wipe dry. Place on top of a stove and season the pan. Do not leave product on a source of heat for a prolonged period of time. Surface may stick during the first use, but after several uses and seasonings, the surface will develop a nonstick layer.
  • When storing, wash with hot water, heat product, oil and then store in a dry environment. Avoid the use of detergent. If it begins to rust, use a metal scrubber and gently clean the pan then oil lightly.


X Dishwasher safe
X Microwave Safe
Oven Safe
Stove Top Safe
Induction Stove Safe


  • Do not use before properly seasoning the cast iron pan first.
  • Storing the product in a humid environment may cause rusting.
  • Do not leave wet. Always dry after use.
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