Flat Cypress Sushi Geta Tray
Price per item$39.00 – $51.00
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Flat Cypress Sushi Geta Tray
Item #: NR-202
Size: Available in 2 Sizes
Please click on the image for dimensions
These beautiful pieces are made from hinoki (Japanese Cypress) which is prized in Japan for it's durability in wet conditions.  A great choice for sushi service as well as tapas and desserts.

Small: 9.4" x 5.85" x 1.2"H
Large: 11.7" x 7" x 1.2"H

One Legged Sushi Geta Tray- Small
Item#: NR-32223
Size: 8.3"L x 4.7"W x 0.9"H
Price per item
1 – 9$18.00
10 +$16.20

Natural Wooden Sushi Geta
Item#: NR-201
Size: 2 Sizes Available
Price per item$32.00 – $48.00
Bamboo Sudare Decoration
Item#: IMP-21
Size: Available in 3 Sizes
Price per item$7.50 – $12.50
Vacuum-Packed Bamboo Leaves
Item#: FD-104
Size: 3.5" x 12"
Price per item$12.30 – $21.50