Nenox Brown Handles

For Left-Handed Customer
  • This Western-style knife can be changed to left-handed by Korin's resident knife master.
  • The fee for this conversion is $20.00 and will be added to the cost of your purchase.
  • Yo-Deba knife is specially ordered from Japan. Please allow us to take 4 to 6weeks.
  • Honesuki knife is only available for right-handed.
  • HNE-SBR-G-270-R_T.jpg
    Nenox Brown Bone Handle Gyutou
    Style: Chef's Knife
    Item #: HNE-BRGY   Size: 8.2" (21cm), 9.4" (24cm), 10.5" (27cm)
    Price per item$688.00 – $1,055.00
    Nenohi Nenox Brown Handle Sujihiki
    Style: Slicer
    Item #: HNE-BRSU   Size: 9.0" (23cm), 11.2" (28.5cm)
    Price per item$725.00 – $885.00
    Nenox Brown Bone Handle Petty
    Style: Petty & Utility Knife
    Item #: HNE-BRPE   Size: 5.9" (15cm)
    Price per item$405.00 – $425.00
    Nenox Brown Bone Handle Yo-Deba
    Style: Butcher Knife
    Item #: HNE-BRYD   Size: 6.4" (16.5cm)
    Price: $740.00
    Nenohi Nenox Brown Bone Handle Honesuki
    Style: Boning Knife
    Item #: HNE-BRHO   Size: 5.9" (15cm)
    Price per item$585.00 – $675.00